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What is a contactless business card?

By 7 October 2022March 3rd, 2023No Comments
Business cards have been around since the 1800’s. They were first used to identify individuals and businesses, and now they are used to keep track of contacts and information. A contactless business card is a card that does not require any physical connection between the two people involved in order to exchange information. Contactless business cards are the newest trend emerging in the world of digital technology. A contactless business card typically contains information such as a name, e-mail address, social media handles, and contact numbers of the business owner. Business owners no longer need to exchange cards or fill out paper forms. Contactless business cards allow business owners to connect directly with their potential customers by simply bringing their cards close to a smart device without the need for any physical contact. This is a major advancement in the digital age because it makes our business and personal lives easier. NFC technology from makes it possible to instantly share your social card or business card. Since you need a contactless business card, the x1vision smart business card is the best option. Besides, we offer a variety of business cards such as wood business cards, laser engraved business cards, black metal business cards, plastic business cards, pvc business cards and stainless steel business cards. All of them are nfc card which are contactless business cards. xonevision is the last smart business card you’ll ever buy. wood business card, laser engraved business card, contactless business card

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