Wood Card – Laser Engraved


If it is blank, the x-one.vision logo will be used on the back of the card. (Formats: .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png)
The QR will be printed on the back of the card where we will print your full name along with your title.

What is included in the box?

The package will include: Customised Contactless Card (with selected material and printing), box with instructions, outer box and envelope for shipping. 



Please provide Full Name, Position and the Logo (google drive link or png) with transparent background to print them on the card, in the field above and also let us know if you’d like us to include the QR, or let us know the instructions to print on the card on the checkout page.



All shipping across the UK is free and sent via Royal Mail 1st Class Delivery. 

If you checkout before 3pm, we will ship in the same day or following day via Royal Mail 1st Class. 

Please contact us at info@x-one.vision for international shipments.


Q&A and Compatibility: 

Please check here for Q&A.

Please check the Compatibility List to see if your phone supports NFC Chip.


Returns & Exchanges:

Returns - Returns are not accepted, as we print and personalise the cards, personalised cards cannot be re-sold or re-printed.

Exchanges - Exchanges are accepted if the product is faulty, such as if the NFC Chip is not working or if the product is damaged when shipping. Please contact us at: info@x-one.vision or here if you have any questions about the product or services and our app.


Useful and Direct Links:

Our website: https://x-one.vision

Our app: https://x-one.vision/use-app 

Contact page: https://x-one.vision/contact/

Our products: https://x-one.vision/personal/

Our contribution: https://ecologi.com/xonevision

Contact email: info@x-one.vision



New Generation - ECO Friendly Contactless Business Cards - Smart Business Cards


We see a global shift from wasting paper to saving the planet, and many companies and individuals we work with are switching from paper cards to contactless cards, because when the employee leaves, you can take the card and give it to the new one (features not limited to this only), and change your personal details anytime, also we are planting a tree for each card purchased from us. (if someone purchases 25 cards we will plant trees under their name or the companies)


This is the last business card you'll ever buy - create an engaging and memorable experience for the people you meet and keeping your contact information directly on their phone, your identity is making you different from others.


Make better connections - with us you can share your profile via card, app and via QR instantly. Easy and simple, no need for apps or special requirements.


What we offer - all our cards are contactless and 100% ECO - Friendly, you can choose from metal, bamboo and plastic business cards. Both metal and wood cards are laser engraved and plastic cards are printed with Gold, Silver and White.



  • No apps required - Your contacts won't need apps to view your profile, you can share your profile in multiple ways.
  • No subscription - No monthly or any other hidden fees, one-time card payment and you're done!
  • Multiple profiles - You can create an unlimited number of digital and physical profiles and edit your information at any time from the app.
  • Save our planet - We plant one tree per card, we aim to plant 1 million trees in 3 years with Ecologi. Join our journey!
  • Discounts for teams - You can contact us and we will provide special offers for you and your team (for 10+)!



  • Create multiple virtual and add physical cards for your team or yourself in one app.
  • When an employee leaves, you can take the card and give it to a new employee.
  • You can share your profiles via card tap, QR or link with contacts or people near you.
  • Track your analytics and the number of people who have viewed your profile to generate more leads.
  • Take a photo of paper cards handed to you in the events and add them to the app instead of carrying or losing them.
  • Check out the dedicated marketplace for entrepreneurs for the best offers or add your own products and services.
  • Plant trees under your company's name or your name through us and our partner, we plant trees for every card we sell.


Background on the business cards:

  • 6 Million trees are destroyed to make 100 million business cards
  • 10 Billion business cards are printed every year, worldwide
  • 10 – 15 Trees make one ton of paper
  • 12,000 Tons (88%) of business cards are thrown away each year
  • On average, a good business card alone can increase sales by 17.5%
  • 90% of businesses represent their brand quality via business card
  • 7.2 Million trees can be saved each year by switching to x-one.vision


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at: info@x-one.vision


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