This is the last business card you’ll ever buy – create an engaging and memorable experience for the people you meet and keeping your contact information directly on their phone, your identity is making you different from others.

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Apps not required

Your connections won’t need any apps to see your profile, you can share your profile via multiple ways.

Multiple profiles

You can create unlimited digital and physical profiles (cards) and edit your info anytime from the app.

No Subscriptions

No monthly or any other hidden fees, one time payment for the business card and you are good to go!

What are the features of

Share your contacts on the go

With us you can share your details via card, app and via QR code. Easy and simple, no need for app or special requirements. All safe and secure.

Increase your sales, brand and visibility

We show you a detailed analysis of how many times your card has been used, including what social channels clicked the most.

Save your money and planet

You can save £1,950 per year and £120,000 lifetime on your cards, also improve CO2, we plant one tree for each card purchase.

Full features of the app

▸ Create multiple virtual and physical cards in the one app
▸ Share your digital profiles via card tap, qr, link, or with contacts
▸ Keep track of your analytics and generate more leads
▸ Take photo of paper cards handed to you and add to the app
▸ Check the tailored marketplace for entrepreneurs or add your product



Background on the business card sector

▸ 6 Million trees are destroyed to make 100 million business cards
▸ 10 Billion business cards printed every year, worldwide
▸ 10 – 15 Trees make one ton of paper
▸ 12,000 Tons (88%) of business cards are thrown away each year
▸ On average, a good business card alone can increase sales by 17.5%
▸ 90% of businesses represent their brand quality via business card
▸ 7.2 Million trees can be saved each year by switching to
▸ 1 Million trees can be planted within 3 years by switching to
▸ We partnered with Ecologi to make it happen
▸ We plant one tree for one card – we aim to plant 1m trees in 3 years

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I bought both normal and laser printed metal cards and I have to say, the quality of the cards and the laser print is truly amazing, it works on all the contactless phones and everyone I meet wants one, brilliant work guys!

Anna M.Sales Director

I am impressed with how easy it was to set up my card and my profile, the cool part is that I can even integrate my Calendly along with all my social media channels.

Jack D.Entrepreneur

Great work on the app! I own 4 tech companies and I have used many contactless business cards, with all my 4 business cards are in one place! Never came across such an innovative business card that comes with the app, you can create and add as many profiles and cards as you want.

Bella F.Social Influencer

As a digital influencer, it is important for me to track my followers, and with’s app I can track how many people are visiting my profile and which social media they check the most!

James V.Angel Investor

This is not only a business card, instead of carrying the business cards handed to me at the events, I can simply take photos of cards and add them to the app! Just WOW!

Matthew S.Blogger & Influencer

The best contactless business card! My profile looks soooo good, people are amazed how cool it looks and it’s very easy to set up to get started.

Sam J.Serial Entrepreneur

I don’t know how to tell or describe their company, they asked for feedback but you have to try it. The card quality is 10/10 and the app has tons of features that puts all your business needs in one place, on the top of all that they also have tailored offers and discounts in their marketplace.

Micheal H.Event Organiser & Manager

The part I love most about this card is you can share your profile via QR or via Link through the app if you forget your card at home.

Jeffry S.CEO & Director

Best decision we made as a tech company! As a founder, it is my job to save money and present my team, we always had to buy new business cards for the new members and if they changed their details we had to throw away all the business cards, and now we bought 50 plastic and 10 metal cards for all members, and team at made a huge discount!