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How does benefit me?

By 7 October 2022March 3rd, 2023No Comments
A digital business card is just another good way to promote yourself, attract new customers, and generate new leads. The known as x1 smart business card is a portable and relatively cheap promotional piece that can be distributed via many contact details, QR code, or link. Also, it includes NFC contactless support that can be used to share your business profile instantly without even opening the x1vision app. Simple and easy, no special requirements or apps required, everything is secure. We provide you with a thorough breakdown of how often your smart business card has been used, along with information on the most popular social media channels with xonevision. With your cards, you can save £1,950 annually and £120,000 over your lifetime. Additionally, we reduce CO2 and plant a tree for each card purchased. Anytime from the app, you can edit your information and create an unlimited number of digital and physical profiles (cards). We offer wood business cards, laser engraved business cards, black metal business cards, plastic business cards, pvc business cards and stainless steel business cards. xvision,,, x one vision, xone vision

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